Funky Love Affair !

Funky       Love     Affair

You said you loved her.

You say you love her, don’t you ?

You scream the name of your hearts owner to the world

Burn anybody who dares looking at her

And see only her darkness

Countless fights of thoughts you have won

The air in your lungs are said to be used for her salvation

Did you find a target for all your instinctive protective mechanism?

For your beloved?

You have screamed and now the word knows

It knows your proclaimed attachment

The deepness of your infatuation

Ah now sadness comes!

As you turn to say loud, you showed your back to her

You stayed in the top of the mountain of others to ear

And forgot to come back down

You turned your back to preach

And you forgot to face her again

Lost in the means with the ends out of sight

Did you touch her? Fulfilled her needs?

Cherish her body, sustain her soul?

Have you kissed her recently? Be a parent to her child

A depositary of her future

Guardant of her security

Have you?!

No, you haven’t and she has been leaving,

Leaving against her will but in accordance with yours,

Gone from your un-exclusive, “ let everybody see me” relationship.

Leaving for him

She is Africa, He is death.

You are simply you, a lover with bad affair skills !!!!

This is the story of your life

In a Funky love affair.



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